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How to Make Your Company Data-Driven

With the development and growth of big data technology, the ease and cost-effectiveness through which companies can acquire and store data is high. With this ease comes the opportunity for companies to become more data-driven in their decision making. Data also helps...

Top 3 Analytics Budgeting Misses

Are you budgeting for analytics programs in 2019? Here are the top 3 things managers frequently miss or underestimate in their analytics budgets: Stakeholder Needs Assessment. Investment in thoroughly identifying stakeholder needs and wants, both broadly at inception...

4 Questions to Ask to Define your Analytics Strategy

According to IDC Research, worldwide spending for big data and analytics will hit $187 billion in 2019. And from IDG, within the CIO Tech Poll, data and analytics are expected to have the greatest organizational impact [out of all applications] over the next three to...

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