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We collaborate with your team to design and build analytics programs that enable you to achieve business goals, measure success of strategies, and help scale your business. Our focus is on the key business areas of customer, sales, marketing, and operations analytics.

Analytics Planning Session – New Clients

Cohere Insights offers a free analytics planning session. During this meeting we will learn about your business and offer advice on your analytics approach and share best practices.

Analytics Evaluation and Baseline Assessment

If you are facing challenges with your current Analytics program and implementation, and you need an evaluation and baseline of what’s currently happening, Cohere Insights will perform a review of your environment and identify and decompose problem areas in your applications. Baselining includes an inventory of your current technology stack, system performance metrics, user adoption rates, Business KPIs and metrics review, business alignment, and other areas as needed. Deliverables and outcomes include baseline assessment and recommendations for areas to improve and drive stronger adoption.


If you are ready to design an analytics program or take your existing program to the next level, Cohere Insights will collaborate with your team and stakeholders to define an Analytics Strategy and Roadmap. We will clarify your goals for the program and collaborate with stakeholders to get alignment and buy-in We define the who, why, what, and how of your program, create analytical use cases and define workflows that will produce exploratory, descriptive, and causal analysis. We identify a business and high level technical roadmap to get to your goals, as well as a support and operations model to support your applications post deployment. The roadmap can cover whatever length of time you typically use for your short and long range planning.

Deliverables and outcomes: Strategy and Roadmap and Technical Implementation and Resources Plan.


If you have a strategy and roadmap in place and you need a seasoned program manager to launch and/or run your program to various points of delivery across the roadmap timeline, Cohere Insights will work with your existing business and technical team or assemble a team to implement the strategy using Agile program management practices. This engagement includes project planning, team planning, budgeting, quality standards, iterative execution, post-deployment program management support, all with continuous stakeholder engagement and communication throughout.


If you need a little help here and there, to review your strategy and plans, and resolve challenges, we can jump on calls or make in-person visits to discuss your environment and advise as needed.

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