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Increase revenue, reduce costs, retain customers, operate with excellence — these are business goals companies aspire to achieve. How do companies measure progress towards these goals? By analyzing data generated from their business activities and comparing to desired benchmarks.

This process is the foundation of an analytics program.

Cohere Insights is a consultancy that helps companies create successful analytics programs that align their business goals to a strategy for analytics. Our consulting framework defines an analytics strategy and then decomposes it into a technical solution program that gets the right data into the right hands at the right time in your business, in the form of scorecards, dashboards, and other analytics solutions.



Your Objective

Analyze company data and business activities to measure progress towards business goals.



Our Approach and Framework

Cohere Insights offer a turnkey approach for collaborating with your business and stakeholder teams to define an analytics strategy and KPI’s, and then decompose the strategy into a technical solution program.



The Result

The right analytics from the right data, delivered to the right users at the right time, from CEO to analyst, to understand what’s happening in your business and take action or make adjustments where necessary.



The Benefits

checkmark Ability to make critical decisions about your business with analytics applications built from a business user’s view.

checkmark Analytics aligned with the business goals of your organization (e.g. growth, profits, productivity, efficiency).

checkmark Higher return on investment with greater application adoption.

checkmark Reduced maintenance costs through programmatic approach that employs automation for support and operations.

Ready to get started?

Our Services Assessment engagement baselines your existing environment and develops an analytics strategy and program model that enables you to reach your business goals.

Why Cohere Insights?

We have more than 20 years of consulting experience in all aspects of program development and delivery of business analytics applications, on both the business and technology side, for companies of various sizes and industries around the globe.

See our Bio for more detail.

Our passion is about helping clients get the most out of their investment of time, money, and resources to build forward thinking applications that users want and like to use. We use our experience to help guide clients to make impactful decisions towards their application goals.

Visit Success Stories to see how we’ve helped other companies.

Want More Information about Our Analytics Framework?

Business Features IT Features
  • Metrics that capture the business view of the data
  • Extensible program and data delivery model that enables the addition of new data and business subject areas into end user solution
  • Solutions that provide ease of use, timely updates of data, and are built around how the business consumes insight
  • Data from multiple business systems integrated together, providing for greater insight
  • Greater return on investment with the elimination of solutions that don’t meet your needs or require re-do’s
  • Programmatic, trackable approach to solution delivery, with communication model for stakeholder updates
  • Framework for ongoing inclusion of new requirements
  • Stable and scalable environment for ongoing analysis and growth
  • Turnkey approach for faster delivery
  • Analytics strategy with business buy-in up front
  • Fully developed business needs assessment and requirements for engineering and development teams
  • Delivery program structure with estimates for people and technology resources
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Sustainability and scalability requirements
  • Support and operations model
  • Technology, data, and analytics application expertise
  • Contract development teams available with project management



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